We lead men outdoors to experience the remarkable.


Just outside your comfort zone is where the real fun begins. We take groups of men to the outdoors for remarkable experiences; climbing, hiking, rafting, camping and mountain trekking & more. If you are looking for a fun and challenging 1-day experience or an action packed 5-7 day adventure into the mountains we are ready to hit the trail with you.

Every man was made to experience this life to the full, but most settle for less than what we were created to be. We don't have to settle. You can have life to the full and experience the unstoppable adventure you were made for. 

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Unstoppable Outdoors headed to ALASKA!

We've posted our 2020 Unstoppable Outdoor Adventure Schedule. And you won't believe what we've got for you this summer.

Of course we will head out for our annual New Mexico mountain hike and camp. But we are excited to announce our newest Unstoppable Outdoor destination — ALASKA. Mark your calendar. Tap a man on the shoulder. Reserve your spot. Let's do this.

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Scottie Blackwell, Founder & Certified Guide
Unstoppable Outdoor Adventures. 

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Ready to take your group out for some adventure?! We can't wait.

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“I met Scottie on a mountain trip with the men’s group at my church. I didn’t know it at the time, but that trip would bring us very close together and establish a true friendship built in Christ.

Heading up to the mountain I had unanswered questions about myself. I didn’t totally know what to ask of God, but I just let the Spirit lead me all week. I am so thankful that Scottie was one of our guides, because he showed by example how to live a life of true adventure with Christ. His selflessness and heart for connecting with men helped me to answer many of the questions I had about myself. The quiet time we experienced on the summit of the mountain was the most Holy experience of my life.

I am so honored to have shared that week with one of God’s real mountain men, and blessed to now call him a friend and brother.”
— Scott Gordon